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"Messiaen's ineffable piano chords...seemed to emanate from somewhere beyond the piano."    

-Portland Press Herald

You may purchase the album at Bull Moose in Portland or by emailing

My album Colour Is the Keyboard is an immersion in music that really speaks to me, and to my audiences as well.  Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering Studios (and winner of 10 Grammy Awards) agreed to record and produce this premiere recording.  All of these pieces have fascinating harmonies and textures, which blend together as colors.  There is mystery and darkness in much of the music I chose, but also a wonderful lightness and transcendence.  For me, they all truly capture an image, evoke a mood, or transport me to another place.      -Anastasia Antonacos




“Colour Is the Keyboard” is the perfect title for this diverse collection of works performed by Dr. Antonacos.  She does a great job showing off the textures of these musical gems in the most delightful way.  With the glorious Steinway D piano she can transport you from the shimmering fountains of the Villa d'Este in Italy where Liszt was a frequent guest of the Cardinal, to exploring the myriad bird calls composed by Messaien in his Premiere communion de la Vierge, to the huge basso depths of his La parole toute-puissante, Anastasia takes us on a journey with a beautiful program of pianistic colors.  The Cecilia McDowall pieces are a real find."     -Bob Ludwig


"Anastasia has brought these four pieces to life in the most delightful way with her consummate pianistic skills. She drives the ragtime influenced Shades of Solace with vibrant energy, brings a delicacy of touch to Vespers in Venice, a wild Scottish flavour to Tapsalteerie  and a broad range of pianistic nuance to Colour is the Keyboard. Superb playing, beautifully recorded."     -Cecilia McDowall


You can check out my solo playing on Youtube (,

as well as The Portland Piano Trio!

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